A collection of extracts from the Dark Windows Archive of Ephemera. If you would like to see more of a particular article in this collection, please contact me.

The Death of Godard.

L'ami Américain

Wim Wenders' 'American Friend'. Card from the series 'Les Fiches de Monsieur Cinéma'. France (circa 1977)

Patti Smith

Publicity photograph for Patti Smith. UK (1978)


Insert from the cassette tape release of New Order's Low-Life album (Fact 100c). Silver and black ink on tracing paper. UK (1985)

Soviet Santa

Cold War Christmas Card. USSR (1988)

Elvis Stamp

Rock & Roll singer on stamp. USA (circa 1977)

Soviet Space Stamps

Part of a collection in cardboard wallet. USSR (1980)

Leningrad Light Meter

USSR-made light meter instruction manual. Made for the UK market.

Red Drawing

Found image. Red biro on lined paper. UK (2007)

Class War

The Working Class Strike Back. Toxteth not Croxteth. UK (Circa 1984)

Christmas Offers

The world's most powerful binoculars. Daily Mirror December 4th 1976. UK (1976)


Guardian Newspaper, Monday September 1st 1997. UK (1997)

A Well-Known Lady

Shipbuilding. UK (1969)

Movie Paperbacks

The back of a book about STROHEIM one of a series of mass-market paperbacks on interesting subjects. UK (1967)

Private Bolt

A bad soldier. Page 101, lost from Battle Picture Weekly Annual. UK (1976)

Rebel leaders

Trading Card: Rebel leaders wonder about their fate. USA (1977)

Radio Boys

Photograph of the world famous 'Radio Boys'. UK (unknown)


Trading card: Laura Palmer in a body bag from the pilot episode of Twin Peaks by Lynch/Frost. USA (1991)

Party Invitation

Party invitation for the Saturday after Margaret Thatcher dies. Class War, London (2008)


(ASS)HOLISM: "Consciousness is carcinogenic". Leaflet produced by The Last International, San Francisco (Date Unknown).


ibid (1971)


ibid. (1971)

Success Formula

The formula for success in life. Careers board game, Parker Games. Canada (1971)


ibid. p.20

On Marx and Engels

A compilation of Lenin's writing in a short pamphlet. This edition published in China. Peking (1975)

How Much Longer?

Sleeve for "How Much Longer? / You Bastard" 7" Single by Alternative TV on Deptford Fun City records. Sleeve designed by Harry, Jill, ATV (1977).

Biddy Baxter

Letter from the original editor of the BBC TV programme, Blue Peter. London (1978)

The Great Dictator

Poster for the 1945 Belgium release of the 1938 Chaplin Film. Brussels (1938)

The 7 Danger Signs of Subjectivity

Test yourself: Leaflet produced by The Last International, San Francisco (Date Unknown).

Neil Armstrong

Stamp from Qatar honouring Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 Moon Mission.

Old TV

German phonecard. Dortmund (2004).


Anarchist leaflet. Freedom Press, London (1984).


Membership card for the Warlord Secret Agent Club. (1977).

Astral Flight

Membership card for Astral Flight nightclub. London (1983)

The Batcave

Membership card for the Batcave nightclub, 69-70 Dean Street, London (1982)

Goat Cart

Victorian photograph of a small child in a goat-drawn cart. (Unknown).

Arphila 75

French postage stamp from the Exposition Philatelique Internationale. Paris (1975)

Psychic Terrorism

Cover of 'Vague' #16/17, featuring still from 'if...'. Radical magazine edited by Tom Vague. London (1982)

Soviet Toy

Printed cardboard box for soviet-era wind-up toy. Moscow (1989)

Freedom Fighters

Sleeve for "Freedom Fighters" 7" Single by dalek i on Vertigo records. Sleeve designed by Ian Wright (1979).

The Trickster

The joker from an early deck of Piatnik plasti-smooth playing cards. Vienna, Austria (circa:1950).