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The Death of Godard.

Mass Observation

You are invited to contribute to a project that I am working on (see below). All that it involves is for you to e-mail a description of something that you've done, seen or thought this Thursday (24th June), the results will be collated as a portrait of the world on a single mid-summer day and published in issue 2 of Patricide.

Please feel free to pass the request on to other people who might like to contribute.

Apologies if you've already received this request.




Neil Coombs


For inclusion in Patricide 02:

You are requested to record your observations of the world on a midsummer’s day, Thursday June 24th 2010. This could take the form of a photograph, a brief description of what you or the people around you are doing, a diary entry or any other observation of the world on this day. The observations sent in will be included in issue 02 of Patricide and observers will be acknowledged in print (if requested). Send observations to

Thank you.

P.S. For inspiration, here are two observations from the 1970s by the British artist - Ian Breakwell:

"Travelling in a taxi past London Zoo. Over the wall is a big cage, in the centre of which is a tree without leaves. Two men in boiler suits are crawling towards each other on their stomachs along the branches on either side of the tree."

"The woman in the blue trouser suit walks around the thickly carpeted Bond Street art gallery, inspecting the expensive prints on the wall. She ignores the small, long-haired dachschund which grips the bottom of her right trouser leg with its teeth. She drags the dog along the carpet as she moves from print to print."